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What is so important about the World Cup? What is it that brings us together? Actually though we fumble at football it is because we are like descendants of Yeats: achieving on another level to thugs.

We are a better people than those who deny we like immigrants, because the love of Al Alvarez life, Anne, met him in London, and he jettisoned the genteel British poets, calling on Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, Seamus Heaney and other moderns, like Cal Lowell in America, who are confessing their love of life and upsetting the status quo. Plath before dying foresees her recurrence in the future, eating men like air and as her reputation has grown so has Hughes and their love transfigured.


In ancient civilisations the funeral pyres break down all the genetic information back to molecular form and these ashes are tossed in the ocean. All memories then are ingested by fish. (That is why the conservationist Rachel Carson was a marine biologist to start with. She was drawn to the beauty of coral reefs, kelp forests, seagrass meadows and extinct volcanoes that appear in seamounts, creating ecosystems in currents. Some mounts are eroded by wave actions, like the collective memories contained in ashes of our watery past. The broken remains of people, wear down and are filtered down into food finally for the plankton, that the giant whales, living dinosaurs feed on. So the reason whales song is louder than any other song is because the whales have known history in its entirety from beginning to end. Songs of whale are necessary-they have observed in the ocean the music of generational spheres, because they have devoured their stories like plankton and ash. Man had long seen ash as a purification of life: to wash away the dead in fact, for touching the dead by mistake-perhaps thinking their father or grandmother had been alive and legitimately realising that death is infectious and reached an arm out of the dead. That is why the Old Bible instructs ritual burning of red cows whose ashes are then spread over the body to cleanse the self. Perhaps the white ash, carbon did actually block the skin from dirt, and mediate when death was ubiquitous, un-sanitized, by our world so disinfected. The cure lay in fire, burning the sores of painful loss, reducing the pain back to a common denominator-hence dust to dust, ashes to ashes, is a chant we have created, as a sanctification of nature’'s process.


His English is atrocious as though a highwire walker with lofty ambitions had tried to appear in a circus without practice. His words swell with his accustomed enthusiasm, while having left reason aside. That may explain why he was found on occasion, sleeping in the green algae bottom of the Lily Pond at Kew's Diana Conservatory. Also why he slept in an oak tree in Downing Street Garden, before disappearing into the long grass or among the cool rhubarb leaves, or up the mulberry tree James First may have planted. His lips a lush looking purple, showing his love of the forbidden fruit. (in fact when Kew was created, the keeping out of lushes, as in drunks was a difficult task, as most workers had a beer with their snack, as it was guaranteed less fatal than unpurified water.



loose words laura hymers



There is a thing called a poem like a moonbeam held in the palm

gone as soon as it is remembered

There is a memory of whom I once was

before I knew that I was the first time I saw my face in the mirror 

There is a mirror, a bright shiny thing that stands between you and I

and cracks as I reach in and cut my hand 

There is a scar on my hand from the day I shattered that mirror. Do you remember? It was blue and you said its reflection told lies 

There is a mirror that I hold in this scar that is my memory that I give to you here in this poem


The books of Scotland Street Press are now live on the site: dedicated work of Jean Findlay and stunning new adventure thriller by CF Peterson.

Ewan McGhostwriter: 'wonderful work and challenge to humanity to see where we need understanding and compassion, for those less fortunate.'

Really supporting self-expression is what makes her work fulfilling and worth the journey

Theo People see you and their world slows down

You look through the gap in the bench

Planet, cracked by daybreak of your fox thought












Eyes see a vision of inclusivity: taking inspiration from years with grassmarket project in edinburgh, berlin with the centenary of both the Russian Revolution and the Dadaist Manifesto of Marcel Duchamp, we take it as fact that all share equal rights to express their sense of self,frustration and visions of a better world




See vimeo

empower marginalised through self expression put their words out, print, encourage videos and showing theatre





Unmediated Morphe from Greek 'to find essence in form'


Lyn Gardner in Guardian:

Grassmarket proved that theatre is not just art, it can be a last court of appeal

With the biggest migration of people since the Second World War Europe is facing uncertain times and there is a need to spread a message of cultural understanding. The more we ignore it the more the problem is exacerbated. For example, the building of fires in camps is a carbon disaster, when electricity and water provided would solve problems We make visits to camps also show the resilient

See below for CFPeterson and Mona McLeod and JeanFindlay, who wisely points out that we all chase lost time, in her recent talk in New York, as writing down events takes longer than living them, a paradox.


Stories of migration arein Ray's Cafe Left home of Alexandra Kremakova in Bulgaria, a more natural setting, right mother Laura and Theo Will on bough of an Atlas pine

We like to contrast more natural settings with those imposed by refuge, and often squalor from poverty. Below left CK Scott Moncrieff, facing heavily wounded in the war, before leaving for Rome as closet gay.

Right below Middle Wiseman Snr, Charlie's father with Noel Coward at piano, who sponsored him, as director, although he heard all Ukrainian ancestors were

killed. Below left Jade of Uganda mentored at 'Freedom from Torture' to highly regarded successful poet. Transformed by Lucy Popescu, now bringing out book anthology of stories about child refugees, to directly challenge the negative press.


Maybe transformation always follows when we are able to find the connection with art, communinion/cating changes us in our essence.

Through chinks in a wall, we are allowed to dissolve our yellow and pink bruises to mutate in a growing sun in another dimension, with another sky.


'Another Sky'

is also the title of Voices of conscience another book of Lucy Popescu.


All funds raised by touring our play to Brighton, and Refuges, Waterstones, Deli will go to Lucy's book for child refugees.


Let us hope we better understand why some children are forced to leave home and a kinder attitude

Young adults and children appeal to our shared humanity. John Lennon and Yoko's old friend and founder of Traverse and International Writers Union has given away his book as quiz prize at end of play!



Wikileaks of Sky We should cycle around and spread more free food, as we have

Lady Lazarus resurrects herself everywhere. A talisman for Ted Hughes who sees the love of his life everywhere, 'eyes like crushed diamonds'. a.Teytour





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