From music to art and acting we are out there for those in the community who wish to be seen and build their confidence in the new environment the find themselves

Alexandra Kremakova is a teacher and award winning pianist, harpsichordist..and curious instruments collector!

Charlie Wiseman has led awardwinning writing with Arts and Millenium Awards from Lottery.

Travelling to Berlin, Dublin, Glasgow, NY..

Ksenia Agarkova has also been performing and working with his ensemble in acting in Brighton and now touring to small places where we can srpead further winning games and playful fun to grow together

Jayson Singh has sandart and is our cameraman. .

Rebuilding through experiment.

If we start admitting that the young people we come across from cultures we do not understand we are bound to see how much we can learn. It is a fact that these people are culturally unique with more insights than we might expect into the confusing, changing world we inhabit of financial pyramids that make young minds want to riot.

Why obey any rules is the question Ivan Karamazov asks in Dostoevsky, and a question as to why not play Napoleon is one that convinced Grassmarket Project to pursue a radical path of letting the marginalised and poor express themselves on stage, as they have a right to.

Do we have a right to interpret the goings on of others, if we ourselves are representing them?

Why should we allow such judgement?

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