From music to art and acting there are those who come from nothing, but are capable of everything in the community, who wish to be seen, heard and build their confidence in the new environment they find themselves. By communicating they become part of a wiser crowd. They might even prevent a suicide by sharing their thoughts.

The paradox in theatre is that those who are most likely to help others are less likely to brag about it. So it is that names like Jude Kelly, Sue Emmas, Lisa Goldman, or even George Orwell Prize awarded Suzanne Moore, are less wellknown, while achieving significant change. As Suzanne Moore mentioned in her piece about Grassmarket Project Jamal Downey seems capable of star quality. Indeed he went on to be in a film with Michael Caine.

Mostly it is daring to speak in their own authentic voice that enables them to put their life in order. 

Grassmarket's school of work has resulted in collaboration with Volksbuehne, Berlin, one of the most forward looking compassionate centres of community, as it evolves with its cooperative and really supports outsiders. The doorman speaks only Turkish, the Edinburgh inspired homeless have been given their own office. Can you imagine the National Theatre giving homeless from under Waterloo Bridge an office? The work has inspired Yoko Ono's support, the friend of hers John Dunbar, whose mother came from Russia, and who introduced her to John Lennon, to help a homeless film project and involvement of Susan Sarandon, composers, Debbie Wiseman, Alexandra Kremakova, teacher and award winning 'pianist, harpsichordist..and curious instruments collector'.

Charlie Wiseman started a homeless Rats Company in the Volksbuehne, that has gone on to win Academy of Arts Award,Berlin and is recipient of the Millenium Award, leading a magazine the Wand, in Wandsworth, with writing and poetry competitions, often awarded Arts and Millenium Awards Grants, from Lottery.

Travelling to Berlin, Dublin, Glasgow, NY.

Ksenia Agarkova has also been performing and working with his ensemble in acting in Brighton and now touring to small places where we can srpead further winning games and playful fun to grow together

Jayson Singh has sandart and is our cameraman.

Rebuilding through experiment.

If we start admitting that young people come from cultures we do not understand we are bound to see how much we can learn. It is a fact that these people are culturally unique with more insights than we might expect into the confusing, changing world we inhabit of financial pyramids that make young minds want to riot.

Why obey any rules is the question Ivan Karamazov asks in Dostoevsky, and a question as to why not play Napoleon is one that convinced Grassmarket Project to pursue a radical path of letting the marginalised and poor express themselves on stage, as they have a right to.

Do we have a right to interpret the goings on of others, if we ourselves are representing them?

Why should we allow such judgement?